Katrina, USA

Owner at Married to My Macros

Liv, China

International Trading Consultant and English Teacher in Bejing

Nadine, Switzerland

Social Media Strategist at Nadine Rohner

Fatma, The Netherlands

Brand Philosopher at Fatma Genc

Sara, Portugal

CEO at Gaya Immersions

Erica, Italy

E-commerce product owner at Adidas

I first encountered Rosa at her workshop in Serenity Eco. I had purchased an unlimited pass for the week so was trying out all the classes. I was intrigued by the title of Rosas workshop and decided to check it out. Not really knowing what I wanted to gain from it. Many of people seemed to have the same attitude as myself when Rosa asked us what brought us here. We weren’t sure. Rosa didn’t let us get out of it that easily and encouraged us all to reflect on why her workshop appealed to us. This type of encouragement became common in my meetings with Rosa. In the best possible way she challenged me. Never forceful, always kind and nurturing while at the same time not letting me hide behind my fears and my preconceived ideas of my personality. I loved speaking with her because she made me feel so comfortable and it became like talking to a friend, only better because she was able to give me unbiased views on certain situations. She gave me clarity on so many parts of my personality and every week I found that I discovered or made peace with a new aspect of myself. Also, I know it’s her job, but she really really listens and it felt so good to talk to her. She never judges, is always supportive and has this great ability of asking you all the right questions so that you figure stuff out for yourself without her even having to tell you. What better why to learn about yourself? She’s so insightful and wise and has opened me up to the world of personal development that I never really knew about before.

I’ve never been the type of person to stop and think about why I do certain things or why I react to situations in the ways I do. I was definitely guilty of not living consciously and felt I had no idea who I was or what I wanted from life. I still have ways to go but Rosa has put me on the path to getting to know myself and, perhaps more importantly, accepting and loving myself. I was so out of touch with myself and so low in self esteem when I met her. I was feeling so exhausted with wanting to feel better but not even knowing where to start in order to do this. Rosa walked me through it step by step and I feel like I had so many little eureka moments during our sessions. She’s so intuitive and insightful and was able to answer every question I had in a highly informed manner. I felt I had so much to learn from this girl and still do….gonna have to work on becoming her BFF! 

I believe my confidence has improved and have finally come to accept that it’s ok not to have everything figured out. I’ve stopped putting myself down so much and have given myself some space. This space is exactly what I need to grow.

I met Rosa a couple of months after I’d given up my job and left home to travel at the age of 30. I didn’t know if I wanted to change career, or what my passions were or if I was crazy to have given it all up and would get so stressed out if people asked me about my long term plan. I felt like I wasn’t in control and didn’t know what I was doing and that it was glaringly obvious to others. Guess what? I still don’t really have the answers to these questions and Rosa helped me to understand that that’s ok. I’ve stopped freaking out so much and have become thankful to myself for making the leap to break out of my mould and travel. Seeing beautiful sights is one thing but travel has also given me the space to reassess and learn about myself through the many new situations and people that I encounter. Rosa being a memorable one! 

Relationships with others.

I’m more conscious of my interactions with people. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my mother but instead of reacting, I’ve learned the benefits of remaining calm in our interactions. 

I’m doing my best to stop old habits of comparing myself to others and feeling inadequate. Rosa gave me insights and skills to make me feel worthy and stop allowing other people to have power over me and my emotions. She has taught be about examining situations from different perspectives and challenging negative thought processes. 

I would highly recommend working with Rosa. It’s an investment in yourself and in your happiness. 



It was a pleasure to work with Rosa. She is an awesome coach and supported me a lot on my way. I would highly recommend her to my female friends which are looking for more clarity and confidence in their life.

Rosa’s program helped me to find my inner Power again and to be more authentic. I’m more aware of my needs and more selective with whom I surround myself with. My relationships are getting better and more loving each day, especially the relationship with myself. I know now that I am the most important person in my life and that it’s ok to place myself first. I’m very grateful that Rosa was on my side and helped me in tough times to get back on track.

Thank you so much Rosa!”


Germany, Yoga teacher

“It is really hard for me to explain the connection that I felt with Rosa, specially because english is not my first language but language wasn’t an obstacle for us. I met Rosa at the end of the year of 2016, I was at the end of my sabbatical year after that I had lived trough multiples obstacles (probably the hardest obstacle of my life, I lost my father that year). Anyways, I was at the end of my traveling and I was still looking for answers (as cheesy as it sounds). I met Rosa in a workshop about life coaching, my father was kind of doing the same work than her but with the kids of indigenous community back in my country (interesting coincidence). I was really interested in her work so I decided to check it out. I found at this session some people who I really connected with, it was really a nice experience. I decided that I needed to go deeper with Rosa in our relationship so we met again at a cafe. With Rosa I realized that it is ok to look out for professional help (or spiritual if you prefer) and that our society kind of put that away in a sense. Consulting (or asking for help) is seen as if something was wrong or that you were heal and you needed to get cure. But it is way more than that, everybody need guidance at some point and specially when life decide to ‘’accelerate’’ things for you. Life is really just about getting surrounded by people that make you grow at a certain stage or place in your life and Rosa is one of those souls.

The Program with Rosa help me understand my self, my patterns, my scars, my quality, ect. Everything ugly and beautiful. I learn that knowing yourself helps you go through life with more ease. You can learn to adapt without compromising every part of you.

In the same range of things knowing myself help me with the relationship that I had with others. I realized that everybody is kind of living in is own ‘’bubble’’ and that we all have different perspective of seeing things. When you realize that you also understand how to interact in a more ‘’comprehensive way’’, relations becomes more harmonious in a certain way.”


Canada, Master in women studies working on feminicide of indigenous women

“Coming to Bali I knew I was looking for something, but just couldn’t put my finger on exactely what that thing  was. I had been feeling dissatisfied with the direction I was going but couldn’t figure out how to change that. Connecting with Rosa was one of the very best things that could have happened to me. She acted as a mirror just when I needed it, and helped guide me to a deeper understanding of what was causing so much discontent in my life, how to reframe it, and helped me to come up with strategies to reclaim my path. 

I am now in the process of making some major life changes and couldn’t be more thankful to Rosa for her guidance and help. I would definitely recommend a session with her, even if you aren’t certain what it is exactly that you’re hoping to get out of it. I certainly didn’t and couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised by all I learned. An infinitely valuable resource on your road to self discovery.”



“When I came to Bali a few months ago, I had no idea how my future was going to look like. Well of course you never really know, but I didn’t know which direction to go. That’s the reason why I went to see Rosa. She was exactly what I needed and I am sure that the universe brought me to her. She helped me find my way and my place on earth. Even more than that, she helped me to believe again. I truly lost my ability to believe in my future, my dreams and myself. Only a few months later and I can’t believe (just kidding I do believe) where I am now. For the first time in my life I am living the life I was always dreaming about. So the only thing there is left to say: Thank you Rosa. Thank you for helping me find my way and thank you universe to bring me to her.



“During my stay in Bali I found myself in a sad place regularly. Recent experiences drew me back in touch with the past where I started identifying myself with feelings that did not belong to me. Rosa gave me new ways and insights in how this happened and showed me how I could change the way I feel and think in order to keep my inner peace and trust. Quite accurately she could recognize how I was blocking myself and accordingly could she give various exercises to remove that blocking. I received new ways to take a good look inside and it gave me a feeling of better direction and clarity. It is not a coincidence that up till now, a few months later, new developments are taking place in which I need to apply the things Rosa taught me. And no matter what the circumstances, I am sure the meetings with Rosa will remind me how to stand my ground. If you ever consider a connecting and involving coach, I would highly recommend Rosa. As a coach she is skilled and has a professional but warm personal approach to whatever you need her for. And even if you have small matters that you secretly keep struggling with in the back of your mind, just try and give her a visit, who knows what new developments there will be and how she may contribute to that.



“Life coaching session with Rosa was surely amazing! Through the processes, she was very gentle and supportive on all levels and she did truly help me to open the door to reconnecting to true myself. Her sessions were professional and intuitive and also very relaxing, it was such a life-changing experienece for me.

Thank you so much for all your amazing support, love and wisdom Rosa!”



“In the session I did with Rosa, I found her to be honest and accurate. Rosa is not afraid to give it to your straight, which gave me the confidence and power to start tackling my issues immediately. If you are ready to receive real eye-openers and to start taking action, I would definitely recommend a consultation with Rosa!”



Profound. Eye opening. Life changing! When I went to the “Life coaching” workshop at the Serenity Eco Guest house in Bali, I had no idea what to expect. Rosa is a super friendly, kind hearted and open minded woman. After our first session I already felt like I had known her for much longer. Her coaching was so helpful for me, that I saw Rosa every day of my last days in Bali. And I am so glad I did!! Her way of thinking and feeling into my situation gave her a great understanding of me and my life.To cut this story a bit shorter: She guided me to an incredible epiphany! And this has changed my life a lot! I feel very blessed for that! Thank you so much Rosa! I hope to see you again soon – even if it’s just through Skype. I couldn’t recommend Rosa more! If there is something in your life that you would like to change or that you feel you could need support with, then: Rosa is the right person! Trust me, you will be amazed.”

Alexandra, 21


“I had a life changing experience with Rosa. I have had a psychic reading with her and it was a powerfully moving, beautiful, happy and calm experience. I got  to really see things about myself that I had never confronted, and got to look deep within myself through Rosa’s deep insights and talked it all through with her wisdom and visions. We also had beautiful visitations from loved ones of mine in the spirit world during the session, letting me know how much love and support I have in this world and the next, this was truly healing for me.

I didn’t even think I really had any issues going in to the session, but coming out of it got to see so much about myself and my past and seeing everything in a different light. I feel like I’m seeing the world through different eyes now. It was a truly positive and joyful experience. There is so much more to this world and to our souls that we don’t even think about or look at on a daily basis and going through this with Rosa just opened my third eye and made me genuinely realise how blessed I am. I recommend this to anyone just to get  more in touch with yourself and to live a more authentic life and be the best version of yourself, through her psychic sessions and through her life coaching. Thank you Rosa! “



“This was my first time experiencing a session like this. I was glad that I met Rosa and we could do the reading. The process is simple and I felt very comfortable with her. We just sat down, I had my pen and notebook to write was coming through. She was able to connect with the spirit world and started to receive the messages for me. I was able to ask questions and it went pretty smoothly. What it came through helped me to understand some things about my current situation and also know about my spirit guides. I highly recommend the readings with Rosa as she is very intuitive and professional with what she does.”



“Na de reading met Rosa voelde ik mij intens gerustgesteld. Het voelt alsof ik ben opgeschud en er langzaam stukjes naar beneden dwarrelen die weer op de goede plek terug klikken. Voor mij was het een enorm waardevol gesprek waarin dingen naar voren kwamen die al langere tijd in mij sudderden en they’re finally making sense. Het voelt alsof ik nu daadwerkelijk stappen kan gaan nemen en tegelijkertijd meer vertrouwen heb en rust kan vinden. Daarbij vind ik Rosa een prachtige rustige persoonlijkheid. Ze blijft gefocust, beantwoordt al je vragen, heeft een hele sterke positieve vibe en ik voelde me meteen op mijn gemak bij haar.”



“De ervaring met Rosa in Ubud was een van de meest bijzondere dingen die ik heb meegemaakt. Ik heb altijd wel gehoopt en gefantaseerd over wat er meer kon zijn op aarde, meer dan wat we met onze blote ogen zien, maar ik heb nooit durven geloven. Mijn gedachten trokken alles in twijfel. Op deze middag kwam mijn overleden vader door, die toen ruim 5 maanden geleden was overleden. Ik kan moeilijk met woorden beschrijven hoeveel dit met me deed. Dit is zo waardevol geweest en heeft een wereld voor me opengezet. Al zijn mijn gedachten die alles in twijfel trekken nog steeds aanwezig; ik weet wat er die middag gebeurde en die herinnering houd ik altijd bij me. Ik voelde me opgelucht en hoopvol, aangezien ik op een manier weer verbonden was met mijn dierbare vader en aangezien ik een vleugje mee had gekregen van wat er wel niet allemaal meer is op deze wereld. Ik durf wat meer op mijn gevoel te vertrouwen de laatste weken, en ben aan t onderzoeken en ontdekken wat dit voor mij betekent. Het heeft een bijzonder mooie deur opengedaan voor mij en ik ben daar ontzettend dankbaar voor.”



“Het voelde meteen goed en heel ontspannen. Toen mijn zoontje van 3 op een gegeven moment perse bij me wilde zijn, mocht hij bij me komen zitten en de sessie meedoen. Telkens als Rosa haar ogen dichtdeed, deed hij dat ook. Heel bijzonder. Deze sessie was voor mij belangrijk omdat ik in een moeilijke fase in mijn levensproces zit. Het heeft dingen bevestigd en in beweging gebracht. Rosa, je bent zo’n prachtig warm en oprecht mens! Dankjewel dat ik je heb mogen ontmoeten. Een en al warmte, rust en liefde.”



She is an amazing guide. I was nervous when we started the session, but she guided gently. So I could start comfortably. The session was intense. It showed me my past which I’ve forgotten. I clearly understand why I have my issue though the session and she guided how I can fix the issue. It was very big step for me.

I really thank to Rosa. I will fix my problem slowly from now. I really recommend her. She is absolutely special. Thank you.”