How do I know if a relationship coach is right for me?

Choosing to work with a relationship coach is a life-changing decision. If you identify with any of the following, you’ve come to the right place.

How do I gain clarity on what to do next?

You’re at a crossroad in life and you’re not sure what to do next. You’re feeling unsatisfied and looking for change in your personal or professional life, but you don’t know how or where to start.

How do I love myself completely to create individual happiness and independence?

You constantly suffer from negative thoughts and often think that you aren’t good enough. You feel like you don’t really know who you are, what your passions in life are and you easily lose yourself in relationships.

How do I find the right partner?

You’re single and longing for the right partner to come along. You’re not satisfied in your relationships. When you are in a relationship you question whether your partner is the right one for you at the moment. You would like to experience true love or take your relationships to the next level.

How do I improve my self-esteem to better support my physical and emotional health?

You want to get rid of your negative habits. You want change your unhealthy lifestyle but you’re not sure where to start.

How do I break away from bad habits and destructive behavior that prevents me from living a healthy lifestyle?

You want to change your negative self-image and learn how to take care of yourself. You feel that the life you’re living now is not the life you want to live and that there is something greater for you out there.

How do I nurture my mind and body to create space for vibrance in my life?

When it comes to health, you feel unbalanced and are lacking structure in your life. You can’t focus and your overall energy levels are low.

How do I cultivate responsibility, self-worth and confidence in my children?

Your children are acting out of the ordinary and you’re not sure of the source of their discontent. They are suffering from bullying and have trouble making friends. They are not active and are not engaging at home or school.

How do I manage troublesome behaviour, conflict and difference of opinions with my children?

Your children are hard to communicate. You’ve tried everything, but you’re out of ideas and you’re scared of losing your children.

How do I create a safe and positive family environment?

There is a negative atmosphere in your home and all family members find it very hard to communicate. Your family may be feeling hurt, unseen, misunderstood, insecure or unloved.

How do I determine my life purpose?

You’re working a 9-5 and you’re feeling unsatisfied. You want to break out of this system and are dreaming of a different lifestyle. You’re feeling insecure about whether you can or not. You don’t know how or where to start.

How do I launch a startup that embodies my unique contribution to the world?

You’re looking discover your passion and turn it into a profitable business. You’re not sure how to maintain energy to run a successful business, offer a certain serve product or both. You want your directional choices to come from within so that your business simply comes from you being you. You don’t have the practical tools to start your business and aren’t sure where to find them.

How do I accelerate the success of my business while maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle?

You are ready to take your business and life to the next level and become aligned with all facets of your life. You’re looking to find the right balance to have an overall successful life from thriving in health and education to fulfilling relationships and business.

How do I become satisfied in my position?

You feel disconnected with your current position and you’re dragging yourself to work in the morning. You’ve lost your enthusiasm and you would like to get it back. You feel like you’re not using your talents.

How do I vibe with my colleagues?

You feel like you have nothing in common with your colleagues and feel like an outsider. You don’t feel confident approaching your superiors. You want to improve your ability to network.

How do I become more valuable for myself and my company?

You feel unrecognized in the workplace and are scared of losing your job. You are ready to tackle some new challenges and take on new responsibilities. You’re unhappy with the quality of work you deliver.

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