Hi beautiful souls,

I am International Relationship Coach, and I’m here to guide you on your journey towards making your dream life a reality. From a very young age, I have been interested in personal development and exploring what influences people’s ability to grow and step into extraordinary lives. One woman at a time, I’m working to strengthen the bonds that empower us as individuals and communities.

In many ways, I have been preparing for this calling my entire life, but my time spent working with Waldorf methods, as a student and educator, brought me face to face with the reflections of human experience and interaction – children. I began to investigate the relationships that shape and mold these tiny beings into the adults who one day become our friends, neighbors, partners, and community leaders. I found myself connecting with struggling parents and helping them to identify the roots of problems that were influencing their relationships.

Without even realizing it, I started to develop the core concepts that I use today to help women align with their values and become the best version of themselves.

Building on these experiences, I became a certified NLP practitioner, and attended the Arthur Findlay College in London to further expand my sixth sense – a gift that enables me to perceive beyond what is directly presented and reach the source of what is preventing people from achieving your goals. I apply my extensive background in working with a variety psychological methods to help you reach your personal best.

During my journey to reach my fullest potential, I discovered that we are responsible for our own happiness. Once our needs are met, our positive momentum will overflow and influence our relationships – whether with our partner, child, friend, colleague or family member. For this to happen, we need to be self-aware. The power of self-discovery allows you to identify your values – who you are and what you stand for. Together, we will clarify your needs and the source of your motivation and strength to bring you closer to your aspirations in life and in love.

My goal is to help you peel back the layers to reveal a life in which the decisions you make naturally align with your authentic self. This means using your attention and energy to observe and develop the potentials that already exist within you. You will start to translate your best thoughts and ideas into action, let go of what isn’t serving you and create space for your confidence, power and inner joy to blossom.

Over a decade ago I started my journey to step into my own power and say yes to my mission. In the past six years I’ve mentored and coached hundreds of women around the world to reveal and nurture their true selves to establish fulfilling relationships while discovering their unique contribution to the world- and I want to do that for YOU!

We each have so many beautiful gifts to share with the world, and together,

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